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Coaches feel a responsibility to win and the pressure of chasing improvement or chasing a championship can take over even the most well-intentioned coaches if they aren’t wary of it. Rick has tried his best to  guard against that pressure his whole career. 

“I’ve been coaching 41 years and the first year I coached football I had the mentality that this is my last year coaching football, because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow,” he says. “We’re not guaranteed next year. We’re not guaranteed anything. I’m on a one-year contract and I could get hit by a truck on Tuesday.”

By taking Rick's approach of being on a one-year deal, it can free a coach from the pressure to win. If you put winning first, coaches might find the success they are looking for on the field, and they may keep their job, but their players will suffer.

Rick shares with his coaching peers that you have to get to the point in your life where you realize that doing it the right way might not save you in terms of saving your job, but you go ahead and do it the right way anyway. 


Check out Rick's coachtube course for building a high school football program and getting community involvement.

“Coaches can win a lot of games, but when it’s all said and done, I’ve always thought we’ll be judged on how we actually have influenced people.”

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