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Jones expects a lot of his players. He reminds them to keep their priorities in order, including family before football. Another motto he carries out is, “we will do it hard, do it right or do it again.” He strives to have his players be the best at everything they do, all the while helping each other get better.

Here's what he expects from his players:

  • We will keep our priorities in order.

  • A. God, B. Family, C. Academics, D. Football, E. Everything else

  • We will do it hard, do it right, or do it again.

  • We will put the team first.

  • We will do our best in everything we do.

  • We will be good role models.

  • We will treat everyone with respect.

  • We will not be negatively influenced by peer pressure.

  • We will never compromise what is right.

  • We will help each other get better.

  • We will have the courage and conviction to stand up for what is right.

"You control two major things in your life: your attitude and your effort. How you decide to handle those two things will determine your success or failure in football and in life."

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