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No Excuses

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Since day #1, Coach Drinkwitz has talked to our team about importance of living with a mentality of “No Excuses”. While it would be very easy to excuse our way through the football season, it will not help us to become the team that we want to be. It is easy to make excuses. It is hard to be accountable and have the mindset of “No Excuses”.

We have talked to our football teams for years about not making excuses. The sun is never in our eyes, the ball is never slick, the refs never cheat us, it was a long bus ride, and on and on.

The interesting thing is the “No Excuse” mentality is not really something I read in a book. I have been taught that mentality by some of players I have coached. In the 43 years I have coached, I have coached a kid with one arm. I have coached a kid with one leg. I have coached special education students. I have coached a kid that was 100% deaf. The one thing that set all of these kids apart from most of us is they absolutely refused to make excuses. Try to tie your shoulder pads with only one arm or go through a practice with a prosthesis just above the knee.

These guys truly inspired me to do a better job of taking responsibility for what happens on the football field and to coach the game without any excuses. Have a great day and GO Tigers!

(Sign leading to the practice field at Texas Tech University)

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