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Coach Jones estimates he’s had the opportunity to influence around 1,700 players over a career spanning more than four decades. He takes advantage of the opportunities he has been given to make a difference in the lives of the young men who play for him, the coaches around him, the even the parents of his players. Rick works to passionately share his life strategies for success through speaking engagements. 

Types of events previously booked:

  • Corporate Leadership Events

  • Church Outreach Events

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Athletic Camps

  • Commencement Address



speaking engagements

After 41+ years in coaching, Rick Jones has learned what it takes to build character in boys, developing them into honorable and productive men in their communities on and off the field. During that time, he's learned a lot about what it takes to be a leader, to create a vision, and to bring out the best in people. He's a man of strong belief and conviction and the perfect speaker for your next event.

Each speaking event is completely customized, however some topics Rick has spoken on include:

•  Building Community Involvement

•  Coaching

•  Faith

•  Motivational

•  Mentoring

•  Character

•  Team Building

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“He instills a sense of community and family in all he does, but he does it through avenue of football. With leadership, excellence, discipline, integrity, and really focusing on teamwork instead of just the individual.”


—  Susie Thompson, parent

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